Root Perm for your hair

Root Perm for your Hair

The fashion industry has been booming everyday. What best way to keep up with the trend to look your best and gorgeous self by getting a root perm. People do not think twice before spending on themselves. Let it be clothes, shoes or hair.

They are ready to change with the ever changing beauty industry. Root perm is brought back in fashion and is currently trending for the bouncy and wavy look it gives your hair.

What is a Root Perm ?

A perm is a change in the shape of the hair usually from straight hair to curls and waves. This is done with the help of chemicals.

Root perm is a hairstyling process which makes the hair voluminous, frizzy and bouncy. This changing of the hair shape from straight to curly and wavy is done through chemicals and heat.

In a root perm, the perming solution is applied to the root with the perming rod. This type of perming lasts from a few weeks to a couple of months.

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Types of Root Perm

Root perms provide subtle volume boost to complete curls. Depending on the hair texture and the desired level to which the hair is curled there are two procedures to choose from

1. Korean Root Perms

The Korean root perms give volume to the root. This process is becoming popular as it creates effortless volume to your natural hair texture. It gives your flat, lifeless hair a bounce – no need for combing or sprays.

2. Perm Touch-Ups

This process of root perm is used to enhance the texture of your preexisting perm. It is usually done when the regular root perm is outgrown. You can choose from a wide range of perms – the spiral perm gives you the retro look from the 80’s which everyone love, body waves to give the bounce to your hair and straight perm to reduce the texture and volume.

Once your hair starts growing the difference between the roots and the shafts is visible. A root perm helps bring back that uniformity in the hair texture, by getting a root touch-up with your hair color.

Hair necessity for Root Perm

Two important things required to go ahead with a root perm:

  • Length of your hair: The most important factor required for a root perm is the length of the hair. It plays a significant role in the root perm, longer the hair, more time for the chemicals to work and vice versa.
  • Quality of your hair: Not just the length of your hair but the texture and quality of your hair also plays a vital role in your choice for the right kind of perm.

Chemical solutions for Root Perm

The solution used in the process can are:

  • Acidic perm: It is ideal for fine, delicate and damaged hair. The solution used is glycerol monothioglycolate and has a pH of around 6.5 to 8.2.
  • Alkaline perm: This kind of perm is used for strong, rough and coarse hair. It’s a chemical solution of ammonium thioglycolate and has a pH of 9 to 10. It is advised that skin does not come in contact with these chemicals and needs to be applied with care.

What you need to use during the process

  • Rods: Rods or curling iron are available in different sizes. The rod size is at the choice of the client/person getting their hair permed. The size of the rods depends on the size and texture of the curls or waves.
  • Solution: This is the chemical solution that gives you the perm. The solution is not only available at salons but also available as home kits to be used on your own. The chemical solution to be used is based on the type of hair and the pH of the solution depends on the hair type and texture.
  • Neutralisers: It is the next chemical solution you apply to your hair after the process of the perm. It helps restore the pH of the perm.

Root Perm Process

Root perm is done by the addition of the chemical solutions in your roots, while making the hair wavy and bouncy. This process changes the hair texture comlpetely. The entire process for the root perm takes around 2 or 3 hours.

It lasts for around 3-6 months and can be repeated again. A root perm involves several steps. There are certain factors that need to be taken into consideration before the process of perming like

  1. Untangle your hair:  Your hair should be combed evenly to untangle it from knots. It is necessary to brush your hair before washing your hair to avoid combing it while it is wet.
  2. Wash your hair with shampoo: Wash your hair with shampoo thoroughly to remove any dirt from the hair. A shampoo without a lot of chemicals would be preferred. Your hair then needs to be dried completely. Letting your hair dry naturally would be preferred instead of a hair dryer. Brush your hair once again with a comb that is wide toothed.
  3. Covering your skin to avoid damage: Wrap a towel around your neck to avoid the chemical solution from touching the skin as it could be harmful. Also wear a cape and protect your hands with gloves.
  4. Partition your hair: You hair should now be divided into equal sections of 3 or 4 depending on its volume. The section at the middle should be narrow so that the rod can be used. Other sections should be divided into half from the crown. Pin each section into the bun.
  5. Managing your strands: Make thin strands of your hair and fold each strand with an end paper. If the paper is in excess it can be used to fold the whole strand.
  6. Wrapping your hair in rods: The rods are wrapped at the end of each strand. Like we mentioned earlier, the choice of the rod depends upon the curls or waves you want. So larger the rod size, the curls will be more open and loose and thinner the rod, smaller the curls. The rods should be then rolled downwards up to the tip or root of your hair. This entire process of wrapping the rods needs to be repeated for each section of hair.
  7. Applying your perm chemical solution: The chemical solution needs to be added near the rods at the roots of the hair. The solution applied near the roots should be 2 – 4 inches away from the scalp and that’s the area which needs to be permed. The perm solution needs to be applied carefully and in a circular motion. As mentioned earlier, the chemical solution can either be acidic or alkaline depending on the type of hair.
  8. Rest: The solution should be left in the hair for around 6 – 8 minutes. The rods need to be removed which carefully checking the application of the solution. If the curls are not formed the rods need to be rolled back into the hair. After checking your hair should be covered in a shower cap.
  9. Rinse your hair: Your hair should be rinsed after leaving the solution for 6 – 8 minutes. The hair needs to be rinsed with cold water for around 3 minutes without removing the rods.
  10. Applying the neutraliser: Once your hair has been dried the neutraliser needs to be applied. Wait for about 10 minutes and then rinse off the neutraliser. Let your hair dry and then remove the curling rods. The neutraliser helps in restoring the pH level of your hair to normal, so that does not lose it shine, volume and thickness.

Root Perm for Different Hair

The quality, volume, texture and length of hair varies with every individual. Some people may have completely straight and silky hair whereas some people may have very curly and coarse hair or vice versa. All this also needs to be considered before the root perm

Root Perm for Long Hair: 

For long hair it is suggested to get it done in a salon rather than home. This is because when the long hair is wrapped in the curling rod it’s thickness increases. This could be difficult to wrap due to the thickness and will need efforts and attention of experts.

Root Perm for Medium Hair:

Medium hair does not require a lot of effort or expert attention for a root perm. Since the hair is not too long, splitting it into sections is easy and does not need much effort. The kind of perm that best suits medium hair is a mid spiral perm.

Root Perm for Short Hair:

The easiest root perm is for short hair. People with short hair can use home kits. You can do the root perm on your own without much trouble. The exact kind of perm should be chosen carefully or the curls could make the hair look shorter. Best suited perm for short hair is wavy.

Spiral Root Perm

The spiral curls or the small curls are attained with the spiral root perm. For a spiral root perm you will need many rods to be fixed in your hair. The curling rods are set vertically to form long and natural curls but they appear less natural. Long hair of at least 8 inches is ideal for a spiral root perm.

Root perm for Curly Hair

The curly hair can also be straightened with a root perm. The chemical solution should be applied to your curly hair and be brushed until the hair is straightened. Once, the shape is attained your hair should be rinsed. The hair that hasn’t been straightened should be covered in and straightened with heat before being rinsed.

Root Volume Perm

All the root perms are self descriptive, like this. Root volume perms helps to get voluminous hair. The perm solution is applied at the roots to provide volume to the roots and give your hair a fuller and bouncy appearance.

Cold Root Perm

This is the least damaging root perm since it is done without heat when compared to that of a hot root perm. The retro or vintage curls are attained through a cold root perm.

Root Perm for your hair

Best Root Perm Hairstyles

  • Body waves: Body waves give volume to your hair. It is the best hairstyle for medium length hair and the perm lasts for 2 months. It gives your hair a bouncy look.
  • Voluminous perm: The density and volume of your hair. It is best suited for people with oval shaped faces and who have long hair.
  • Spiral Perm: The hair is like spiral coils and is extremely curly. Best suited for long and medium hair.
  • Bushy perm: The bushy perm does not give you a complete voluminous perm but increases the volume of your hair and gives a bold appearance.
  • Super defined root perm: This increases the volume of your hair in huge folds and it gives your hair a bouncy look.
  • Hot root perm: This only provides curly tresses for your hair. It should be done using ceramic treatments only.
  • Cold root perm: Cold root perm is best suited for short hair and straight hair bangs. It damages your hair the least compared to any other perm.
  • Mid-length diffused perm: It produces a more bouncy look and the curls are usually open rather than spiral.
  • Short wavy: Usually it is said that long hair only is the best for perms but this hairstyle is making statements for making perm look gorgeous on short hair.
  • Mid spiral perm: Mid spiral perm again by name means best suited for medium length hair and gives you spiral shaped curls.

Root Perm Kits

The home kits are available for you to order and help yourself with DIY products. We understand you could be busy and not have enough time to go to a salon to get your hair done. Hence, you can now make your work easier and more comfortable by ordering any of these products. Some of the best products for root perm are:

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Maintaining the root perm

Maintaining a root perm could be difficult when compared to getting one. You need to put in a lot of effort to follow the precautions with care and attention.

  1. Your hair must not be washed for the next 2 days after applying the perm.
  2. You need to moisturise your hair frequently to prevent it from drying. Moisturisers and hydrating shampoos can be used.
  3. To prevent any damage or reshaping of your hair, it is suggested you wear a silk scarf.
  4. Hot perms could be damaging but need less maintenance than that of a cold perm.
  5. Temporary straightening or curling of your hair needs to be avoided.
  6. Do not comb your hair often and not too hard or rough while combing at least during the first few days of the perm.
  7. The shape of your hair might be lost if you braid it or tie it in ponytails. It is advised to leave your hair open to prevent loosening of its shape.
  8. Do not get a perm done too frequently also. It could damage your hair.
  9. Do not use any alcohol related products to avoid the frizz in your hair.
  10. Only use products suggested by a stylist for your permed hair.

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