Perm rods or Flexi rods – The better option?

Perm rods helps perm your hair without using heat and is definitely a better choice since we all know that heat could damage your hair. So now the confusion is which one to opt for – the perm rods or flexi rods. So we’re here again with the benefits of both perm rods and flexi rods to help you can make a decision.

The curling irons and curling wands are the options if your looking for perming using heat. The best for your hair is the no heat option – so it’s either the perm rods or the flexi rods.

The choice between the two rods depends on what type of perm you want, your hair texture and length of your hair.

Perm Rods – Things you need to know

Perm rods or Flexi rods

Perm rods are smaller than the flexi rods. It has gained its popularity because of the natural bounce it gives the hair.

Perm rods are best for people who are perming at home and are beginners, they can easily fasten the rods since they come with clips or clasps.

Perm rods come in different colours and sizes so that you can try out different styles. They give your hair tight spring curls with a bounce to your hair. A perm rod can be used for hair of different textures.

Silky hair to dry hair can use these perm rods. But you may be need different products to help your hair set depending on the texture of your hair.

Perm rods are made up of hard plastic so it can get difficult to sleep if you want to leave them overnight.

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Benefits of Perm Rods:

  • Perm rods are easy to use since they have clips to help fasten your hair.
  • It is easy to use for people with short hair because of their horizontal design.
  • It’s the better option for people who want tight curls and not a wavy beach look.
  • The natural bounce in your hair is better than that with flexi rods.

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Flexi rods – Things you should know

Perm rods or Flexi rods

Flexi rods are longer than the perm rods. They can be used for hair of different lengths.

It could be a challange for beginners to use since it does not have a clasp or clip to get your hair together, but due they size it isn’t very difficult after some practice.

Like the perm rods, flexi rods also come in different colours. But they are not made of hard plastic like the perm rods and are made of soft foam which is comfortable.

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Benefits of Flexi Rods:

  • Flexi rods give your hair a beach wave appearance.
  • It is much more comfortable when compared to the perm rods if you want it left overnight.
  • Flexi rods can be used for both medium and long hair.
  • Since the flexi rods are longer than the perm-rods the hair is wrapped around vertically in it. This does not give you the tight curls.

Perm Rods or Flexi Rods?

Perm rods or Flexi rods

We have distinguished the benefits depending on the size of rods, colours, hair texture, length of hair, ease of usage, comfort and type of perm obtained.

We would suggest that perm rods are a better option since it gives you tight curls and are also easy to use if you’re a beginner.

But again it is completely your choice, you can opt for either of them after looking at their benefits and the kind of perm you want to flaunt.

We love both these perm rods since they do not damage your hair and are heatless. Choose wisely and go flaunt your hair!

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