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How to use Home Perm Kits to Perm at Home

How to use home perm kits to perm at home

Are you planning on perming your hair at home? Well it is easier to purchase a home perm and do it at home. Below is the list of home perm kits you can find in the market and perform at home with ease. 








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How to Perm Hair at Home with Household Items?

Applying of the chemical perm solution is usually done by a licensed cosmetologist, we can use a home perm kit also. This would be a reasonable option and reduce your time spent at a salon. Instead of paying a huge price at a salon to get your hair permed in to a permanent curl, you can do it at home. The cost for the entire process with be only for the perm home kit and some spare time. You can buy home perm kit anywhere in the market. 

Supermarkets, medical stores, cosmetic stores and a general store. These products are available for all. The type of home kit you need to purchase depends upon your hair type. They could be for healthy hair, delicate hair, difficult to curl, colored hair, rough hair and silky hair. 

You can achieve different hairstyles such as proper firm curls to wavy hair, by choosing the rod size. Your hair needs to be in the rods as long as the home perm. This will give your hair the right perm that will stay longer. The perming rods come in different sizes such as small, long and broad rods. With the small rod you can achieve tiny curls, long rods create a lesser compact curly look and the broad rods give you a wavy look.

Different rods can also be used to produce a combination of different sizes. A home perm also stays for about 3-4 months and also takes 3 hours to complete, same as a salon. We recommend you to do a thorough research before you purchse a home kit. You also need to understand how do these kits work, ingredients used. You can now buy a home kit from Amazon: 

Process for perming your hair at home

Be careful and keep an eye on the below instructions while you’re perming your hair at home: 

  • Wash your hair and wipe it with a towel and leave it slightly damp. 
  • Make sure your hair does not have any conditioner or hairspray or any other hair styling products you would have used. 
  • You now need to wrap your hair completely in the rods and make sure it is done properly. Get the right size of rods depending on your desired curls. Partition your hair and use the rods to wrap the entire segment of your hair strands. Also make sure that the width of your hair segments should not be wider than the width of the rod. The paper should cover the whole segment of your hair leaving the tips of the segment smooth. The whole hair should be encased in the rod to assure proper curling. 
  • Once you wrap your hair around the rods, you need to apply the perming solution to your hair. The permanent perm solution should be applied to each rod thoroughly. 
  • Now you need to cover you hair with a plastic hair shower cap, you receive this with the perm kit itself. You need to keep the hair standing for as long as it is mentioned on the instruction manual to get proper curls. 
  • After letting your hair stay for the time mentioned, you need to now wash it with warm water. Wash your hair until you do not get the smell of the perm solution. This process would take at least 5 minutes to be washed. 
  • Wipe the perm rods with a clean towel to remove excess of water on the rods. After this you need to apply a Neutralizer to your hair. The Neutralizer should be left on your hair for at least five minutes. You can then rinse your hair with lukewarm water for about another five minutes. 
  • Remove the rods from your hair and clean them. One last time you need to rinse your hair.
  • Finally dry and style your hair. Do not apply shampoo to your hair for the next day or two, to allow any linkages in your hair to settle down and form the curl. You will now see your perfectly desired curls. 

How to use home perm kits to perm at home

DIY Perm process – How to perm your hair at home?

Salon perm may seem like a lot on the table with timing and also be heavy to your pocket. A home perm is completely pocket friendly and a very reasonable option for you. Most people prefer curlers and also the curling rods for perms, you can achieve a perm with home objects. These various objects could give you the different sizes for the curls.

From ages women have been using scrap curlers for their hair. This gives your hair soft, smooth and comfortable waves. If you’re looking for small spring curls then you can use a curling rod, if not you can use this other technique. This is a retro technique to perm your hair without rods with home based hair styling facilities. 

Important things to keep in mind while perming at home

  • Make sure you have all the important products before you start perming your hair at home. You also need to pick the right type of perm type and process depending on your hair type like long, short or curly hair. 
  • Make at least 30 pieces of cloth for your hair. If your hair is long then the piece of cloth also needs to be long. Fold the cloth into 2 inch and then a piece of 6 inch total. Do a trial on your hair with the cloth you cut to make sure the layers are right for your hair length. 
  • Wet your hair with water, try to just spray it. Do not wet your hair by soaking it in water since it needs to be damp. You can begin your curling and then let your hair dry on its own. You now need to add something that will hold your hair together along with the perm solution. 
  • Now you can partition your hair into sections and separate each section with a mouse tail comb. Use the tip of your hair in the middle of the scrap layer and secure it with your fingers. Now turn this to your scalp and make sure your hair does not spin in the method. 
  • Now you can curl the rest of your hair in a 1 inch segment each. Start from the extreme corners of your hair. Like if you start with the hair segment above your right ear, you can now start with the hair segment above the left year. Do this until you have covered all your hair.
  • You can waterproof your curls or scrap curls. Carefully remove the scrap curls and do not comb your hair. If required only brush your hair slightly. Make sure you also review the issues on how to get the best scrap curls. The tips of your hair or the long hair will result in detached curls. The short segments of hair with give you the perfect best curls. Do a thorough research before your are equipped and would like to go ahead with the perm solution. 
  • You can use a cloth band to cover the curls and avoid your skin touching the perm solution. Use latex gloves for this process and roll your hair up into scrap curls. Apply the perm solution to each segment of your hair. The solution needs to be added from the tip or the root of your hair. 
  • Rinse your hair with warm water after your have completed the entire process as per the package. 
  • You can now finally use the neutralizer on your hair after the perm solution so it can balance the pH of the hair. Now separate the scrap curls and use the neutralizer. You should now soak your hair with hot water for about five minutes and then wash it in cold water. 

Top Branded Perm Kits

Buying Your Home Perm Kits

You can buy your home perm kits from the market. It would be available in the supermarkets, hypermarkets, general stores or even cosmetic stores. You can also find them at a professional salon with stores. The home kits are available at online shopping websites such as amazon, ebay, walmart and so on. When you don’t have enough time to go purchase the products, online shopping is the besy option. You can also find the a wide range or variety of products online. Always make sure to check the hair type before you pick your home perm kit. It needs to be suitable with your hair. 


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