Best methods to Fix Uneven Bleached Hair

Best methods to Fix Uneven Bleached Hair

Blonds are considered to be beautiful from the time of fairytales. Most Disney princesses were known for carrying off the blonde look. Women are distinguished depending upon the hair colour and men consider hair also when they talk about beauty.

Hair colour also helps you get attracted to another person let it be blondes, brunettes or red heads. Hair colour also stands out as a fashion statement, so women definitely want to experiment with their hair and give themselves a new look. We’re here to help you fix your unevenly bleached hair to look gorgeous. 

Reasons for uneven bleached hair

Your unevenly bleached hair could be due to any of the following reasons:

1.Uneven application

The bleach needs to be mixed properly and applied on the strands evenly. Your hair should be divided into small sections before applying the bleach for even application. If your hair is long we recommend applying the bleach mixture from the end of the strand and move towards the root. This should be left in your hair to sit for sometime. Be patient, if not the bleaching may not be even.

2. If your hair has a very dark base colour

When the base colour of your hair is too dark, such as a brown or black the bleach turns your hair into orange or red strands. 

3. Choosing less or more bleach quantity

 The amount of bleach required depends on the length, quality and volume of your hair. Take professional help if you’re unsure of the bleach quantity to you need to use. We recommend you to get a professional hairstylist to do your bleach.

 4. Incorrect mixing

To obtain best results with your hair make sure the bleach is mixed properly. If the bleach is not a homogenous mixture, it could give different and uneven colours to your strands.

5. Choosing the wrong product

It is important to select the right type of bleach, depending on your hair. If your are unsure of which bleach type, we would suggest you to consider professional advice.

6. Not sectioning your hair:

Your hair needs to be sectioned properly before applying the bleach. Not sectioning could cause problems particularly with long and thick. Partition your hair and tie the strands with rubber bands.

Four Methods to fix your unevenly bleached hair:

Since we know the reasons for the uneven bleach, we will now tell you how to fix it.

1. Apply a darker hair dye to cover the uneven bleach

The most popular method to fix uneven bleached hair is by using a darker hair dye. The process to be followed is

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Step 1: Check the colour of your hair thoroughly and if your hair is blonde at the roots and orange or red on the tips you can use a dark shade of dye such as brown.

Step 2: The dye needs to be added from root to the tip. For long hair make proper sections of it and tie them in ponytails.

Step 3: Your hair needs to stand for at least 40-50 minutes to give you the best results.

Step 4: Now wash your hair off with shampoo.

Expected result:

Your hair now is evenly bleached keeping the darker shade as your base color. This dark hair will be the base when you bleach your hair after few weeks for better results. 


Make sure to use gloves and cover your face with a mask so that the hair dye does not harm your skin.

2. Wait for a couple of weeks and reapply your bleach

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This is similar to your bleaching process itself just that it is done after few weeks of your uneven bleach.

Step 1: Wash your hair and have a clean scalp for best effects. You can apply the shampoo and wash your hair just before applying the bleach.

Step 2: Make small sections by partitioning your hair after drying it.

Step 3: Use a hair colouring brush for each section of your hair. Apply the blear from the tip to the roots. The process may be time consuming if your hair is too voluminous. Being patient during the process will give you better results.

Step 4: Now wash your bleached hair with shampoo.

Expected result:

This method can be used to fix your unevenly bleached hair. This process can give your hair a homogenous look.


Bleaches and hair dye consists of peroxide, so you need to wait to repeat this process again. This method is used by people who would be fine to wait for a couple of days with the uneven bleached hair. Since you cannot bleach your hair right away and need to give it a couple of weeks. Use hair oil and other hydrating products to prevent your hair from drying.

3. Using toning shampoos to fix the problematic shades

Toners are like contrasting shades to fix the wrong shades.

To fix your orange shades you can use blue shampoos and conditioners.

Blue is the opposite colour for orange in the colour spectrum. Hence experts use this to tone down the wrong shades in your bleach for your hair.

When your unevenly bleached hair is green strands, you can use a red shampoo or conditioner to fix it. Green and red are opposite colours in the colour spectrum. The green colour can be normalised with red shampoo and conditioner. Choosing the right product from the various options available. Use expert opinion to choose from the vast range of products.

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These are the shades that can fix their contrasting shades.

1. Blue shampoo and conditioners help fix the orange hues of the bleach. The are most used to for highlighted brunette (dark coloured) hair.

2. Red shampoo and conditioner can fix unwanted green strands of your bleached hair.

3. The purple shampoo and conditioner is used to fix yellow hair while colouring it silver.

4. Sun kissed orange helps to fix the ashy looking strands of your hair. Use the right colour of shampoo and conditioner to fix your bleached hair. 


This process is very easy, you just need to pick the right coloured shampoo and conditioner. The colour of the shampoo and conditioner depends on the colour of your hair. Use this shampoo and conditioner to wash your hair at least 2-3 times a week. 

Expected result:

These toning products help even out the shades.


The right quantity of shampoo should be used. Too much of shampoo can cause split ends and hair fall since it hydrates your hair way too much.

4. Use targeted bleach applications for the missed spots

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Step 1: Partition your hair into sections to locate the spots of missing bleach. 

Step 2: Once you identify the spots make a mixture of the bleach and apply it only on the missing spots.

Step 3: Let the bleach sit on your hair for sometime.

Step 4: Wash your hair with shampoo.

Expected result:

If the missing sports are fixed then the complete hair is evenly bleached. 


Use the right amount of bleach for the missed spots. If you’re unsure on how to use this process, use it for a small quantity of hair. 

Will Toner Fix Uneven Hair?

You can use a toner for your unevenly bleached hair. This could give a better look but the hair is still slightly uneven bleached after several washes, but does not give the best results. Toner’s however, improves your hair texture and prevents the harsh effects of bleach. Before opting for a toner check the degree to which your hair is unevenly bleached.

A toner does not correct all types of uneven bleach. If the hair is very unevenly bleached then it is better to use other methods to correct it. The same steps mentioned to bleach your hair will be used for this also but instead of bleach you will use a toner here.


The first thing that we notice in a person is their hair. Likely a lighter shade of hair grabs attention when compared to darker shades. So people would love to look their best and leave no stone unturned in the process. Uneven hair can damage your hair in the long run. Follow the above steps to make a spectacular appearance and get the best trending look.

Better hair, for a better you!  – Andrea Russell

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